MTV Rewind: 7/12/10-7/16/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"Fantasy Factory"

Full Episode: Rob Dyrdek makes the first-ever skateboard car, then buys Drama masks for the Factory.

Bonus Video: Big Cat's desk is transformed into a wild cage, complete with sounds from the animal kingdom.

Sneak Peek: Drama's gonna have to learn to be a bit more reckless. Watch the clip:

"Hard Times"

Full Episode: RJ falls for his new neighbor, Claire, and he joins the purity club to spend more time with her.

Bonus Video: Lily's interest in RJ has manifested itself in the form of weird rodent love.

Remote Control Post: Should RJ go for Claire and forget about Jenny?

"Warren The Ape"

Full Episode: Warren The Ape pretends to be gay to garner more media attention.

Bonus Video: Our furry friend leaks classified puppet secrets to media queen Perez Hilton.

"The Hills"

Finale: Kristin's heartbroken over Brody and decides to move to Europe, and Stephanie gets a boyfriend.

Bonus Clip: Brody has a personal goodbye message for all of the fans.

After Show: The girls relive their favorite moments during "The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending."

"The City"

Finale: Whitney considers working with a new publicist, and Joe crowns Olivia the new face of

Bonus Video: Recap Season 2's most memorable moments.

Remote Control Poll: Louise is out, so will Olivia step up her game?

"Real World: New Orleans"

Full Episode: Ryan hooks up with McKenzie's friend, and Knight finally takes Jemmye's White Boy V-Card.

Bonus Video: Jemmye says McKenzie and her friend Suze just thought Ryan was a game.

Sneak Peek: McKenzie's caught in a compromising situation. Watch it here:


Full Episode: Streeter and Amir recap the best gotcha moments from Season 2.

Highlights: Just how hot is a lightbulb? Find out: