'Jersey Shore' Soundtrack Party Pix: Pauly D Turns Up The Volume!

While most people were focusing on "The Hills" live finale in L.A., the East Coast was celebrating a feat of its own -- the release of the "Jersey Shore" soundtrack. (Yeah, I went. No biggie.) After getting personal grooming tips from Snooki (more on that tomorrow) and watching Vinny struggle to move his date past the velvet ropes (poor guy), I headed inside Marquee nightclub in New York City for some fun and, of course, fist-pumping.

The very second I walked in, an impatient crowd of fans knocked me into Snooki and her group of pals (whoops, sorry Snooks!). I pushed my way through the glitter-crazed clubbers and clicked my little heels over to the corner to get a better view of the fête. The guest list was an interesting mashup of drag queens, tank top-sporting dudes and a smattering of celebs, including Lil Jon (who is featured on the album) and Danielle Staub from "Real Housewives of New Jersey."

In the far corner, Pauly D took over the DJ duties (with gaggles of women nearby), Ronnie and Sammi got close in a booth and Snooki whipped her new red hair (she got it dyed just hours earlier!) around on the dance floor. In the back room, controversial NJ housewife divorcée Danielle held court while crowds of eager men snapped photos of her and her friends, and a few whiny girls complained about Enrique Iglesias' absence.

While the event was more crowded than the subway at rush hour, the smorgasbord of pass-around apps (which included unusually large hamburgers and buffets of cookies) seemed to keep just about everyone happy.

It was a really good time ... which is why I had to blog brag about it right when I got home (i.e. 10 minutes ago). Now it's time to scrub the bronzer off my body and hit the hay, but check back in tomorrow for more pics and quotes from the party.

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