Brod (Pink Trunks) vs. Cutrone (Black Trunks): Whose PR Style Do You Prefer?

Tonight's episode of "The City" was a bit like watching a battle of the publicists: In one end of the ring stood Kelly Cutrone, the sharp-tongued PR veteran who always dresses down in black and can smell BS comin' from a mile away; on the other side sat Alison Brod, a prim and proper profesh who loves the color pink and gumballs. Ignoring their color preferences for a sec, let's compare their Whitney Eve strategizing: Cutrone produced Whitney's fashion show in the prestigious Bryant Park tents while Brod promised coverage in super-posh outlets like Hamptons magazine. Kelly told Whit slow and steady wins the race, while Alison pushed for a full-on media blitz.

+ Both Kelly and Alison run successful PR houses and have a laundry list of high-profile clients, but whose style do you like better? Take the poll and let us know if you're more of a "Dark Knight" or "Pretty In Pink" public relations fan.

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