MTV Rewind, 6/28/10-7/02/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"Hard Times"

Full Episode: RJ gets invited to Jenny Swanson's Sweet 16 party and works for Mrs. Robbins so he can buy the perfect gift.

Bonus Video: Miles Jenner claims that he's a skinny kid just pretending to be fat.

Remote Control Post: Have you ever broken up with a best friend?

"Warren The Ape"

Full Episode: Warren accidentally-on-purpose kidnaps a bunch of kids while trying to school them on the ways of the world.

Bonus Video: Now guilty of a serious crime, Warren tries to clear the air.

Sneak Peek: "Just Sign That Sheet" is next week's episode. Watch the clip below:

"The Hills"

Full Episode: The gang goes to Costa Rica, and Kristin tries to make Brody jealous by hooking up with a local.

After Show: K-Cav tells hosts Jessi and Dan that she wasn't intentionally trying to make Brody mad.

Remote Control Blog: Lauren Conrad will reunite with "The Hills" cast!

"The City"

Full Episode: Olivia helps Joe with "The Martha Stewart Show," and Whitney gets mad at Roxy over a styling snafu.

After Show: Singer LIGHTS discusses why she didn't wear the Whitney Eve jacket.

Remote Control Poll: Are you feelin' Whitney Port's new take-no-prisoners attitude?

"Downtown Girls"

Full Episode: Shallon talks Nikki and Victoria into going on a road trip to the Jersey Shore.

Bonus Video: The gang chats about Klo and Gurj's romantic relationships. Watch the clip:

"Real World: New Orleans"

Full Episode: The eight new casties move into their new home, and Preston and Ryan get into a fight on the first night.

Bonus Video: Knight, Eric and Jemmye say that Ryan is a walking hypocrite.

Sneak Peek: It's "Ryan vs. Knight" on Episode 2. Watch the clip:

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"Jersey Shore" Season 2 Trailer: Check out snippets of the drama/drinking/hookups that went down in Miami.