VIDEO: The 'Downtown Girls' Dish About Relationship Deal Breakers

On last night's episode of "Downtown Girls," Shallon rallied her gal pals to go beyond the walls of Manhattan and venture out into the unknown. So where did they end up? The Jersey Shore, a playground of techno beats and barbwire tattoos. Unfortch, not everyone made the trip -- Gurj was spending time with her boyfriend, and Klo was busy sifting through cheesy bridesmaids gifts for her all-consuming wedding.

Check out this bonus video below, where the three vacationing single ladies dissect Gurj and Klo's romantic lives. Apparently, there are just some things that Shallon won't stand for in a relationship, like being a housewife or giving up her career. Always good to be cognizant of your deal breakers, like Liz Lemon on "30 Rock."