Buh-Bye, Bunney! First Heidi Dumps Husband, Now It's Her BFF

We should've all seen this coming, right? After splitting up with Spencer Pratt, Heidi quickly jumped into another codependent relationship with her old friend, Jen Bunney. Together, they planned to conquer the world, or at the very least, film a reality show together in Malibu. Except something must've gone awry, because Heidi has reportedly stopped speaking to Jen! Now, call us dumb, but how can they shoot a show together if they're not even talking?

Well, they won't be. According to X17, Bunney's been left out in the cold like an abandoned -- we're just gonna go there -- bunny. "I knew something was up because she honestly has not called me back. I think [it's] so messed up that I have to learn about my own friendship through the media," she told the site. "I quit my job because she told me to. I was supposed to move in with her within the next couple of days."

There's a lesson to be learned here, people. If your recently single gal pal comes barreling through your door with an idea to sell everything and buy a Round The World ticket, hear her out, but give it a few weeks before you tell your boss to eff off and back out on your lease. Luckily all Bunney's losing is a summer beach rental and a shot at 15 minutes of fame.