MTV Rewind, 6/21/10-6/23/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

"Hard Times"

Full Episode: RJ lands the leading role in Pinkerton High's mashup "Vamp Side Story."

Bonus Video: Go behind the scenes and find out what filming this week's episode was like.

Remote Control Poll: Is RJ Berger the next Robert Pattinson?

"Warren The Ape"

Full Episode: Warren tries to be sexually abstinent and gets his friend Greg The Bunny arrested.

Sneak Peek: Somewhere, there's a sixth-grade class that was forced to listen to the poor advice of a troubled puppet.

Bonus Clip: Warren goes to sex rehab. Watch the video:

"The Hills"

Full Episode: Audrina celebrates a big birthday but breaks things off with Ryan first.

After Show: Kristin tells hosts Jessi and Dan that she thinks the Speidi split is fake.

Remote Control Blog: Four good reasons why Audrina should stay single for now.

"The City"

Full Episode: Whitney learns some tough lessons about the fashion industry, and Olivia pulls garbage-chic shoes for ELLE's Ke$ha shoot.

After Show: Jessi and Dan discuss the episode and try to figure out whether 'Liv has any weaknesses.

Remote Control Poll: Would you wear garbage?

"Downtown Girls"

Full Episode: Victoria learns that she didn't pass the bar exam and decides to audition for work at a bar instead.

Bonus Video: Shallon tests out the retail register. Watch the video:

"Drake: Better Than Good Enough"

Full Special: Is Drake the next huge thing in hip-hop? Duh, yes.


"Teen Mom"

Premieres: July 20 at 10/9c

Watch the trailer:

"If You Really Knew Me..."

Premieres: July 20 at 11/10c

Watch the trailer: