Shameless Plug: Pauly Wants A Lambo, And It's All Because Of Us

TMZ reported earlier today that Pauly D was spotted in Vegas on the hunt for a new Chopper Edition Lamborghini. (Guess all that DJ-ing has been paying off!) We're simply tickled to hear the news that The Blowout King is broadening his automotive horizons, especially since we were the ones to put the idea in his head.

It's the truth! During a recent trip to Miami to shoot some Season 2 photos and conduct interviews with the "Jersey Shore" cast, we pulled Pauly and Mike aside for a very special portrait of them leaning against this sick Lambo. After a few pix were taken, his mind was made up: "I'm getting one of these for myself," Pauly told us more than once.

Another score for Remote Control! First we (sorta) set up Pauly with Paris Hilton, and now we've matched him with the perfect ride. Anyone else out there need some life coaching?