VIDEO: Will Catelynn And Tyler Make It Through Season 2?

The first season of "Teen Mom" was filled with many happy milestones but also plenty of heartbreak. As Amber, Maci and Farrah celebrated their babies' first birthdays, they were also contending with unsupportive boyfriends, family friction and having to make major personal sacrifices. On July 20, the second season of the series kicks off on the same bittersweet tone with a few shocking revelations. Maci has the love of a new boyfriend, but Bentley's father, Ryan, has been dodging paying child support. Farrah's rocky relationship with her mother has escalated to violence, Catelynn and Tyler are considering calling off their engagement and Amber may be pregnant again. Sound like enough info to digest before the premiere? Thought so. Check out the trailer for a first look at the impending drama.