What Kelly Cutrone Taught Us About Being Business Savvy

We've always considered ourselves pretty hip when it comes to fashion. We've covered it, bought it and even been inspired by it -- but when we hear Kelly Cutrone drop info on the industry, she might as well be teaching us a new language. On tonight's episode of "The City," Kelly taught young designer Whitney Port a number of vital things about surviving the cutthroat fashion biz, and we took notes:


What Kelly Said: When showing a fashion line, the most important thing to learn is how to tell buyers "no." Whether it's about altering your designs or receiving stock without payment, the answer is a big fat: NAY! Otherwise, you’re going to be stocking Century 21 and TJ Maxx (we never knew where they got all that great merch from) with your extra inventory.

Takeaway: Know your limits.


What Kelly Said: Buyers are merely shopaholics, and even if they have amazing credit, a designer should always get them to put 50 percent down on a sale. As we saw in tonight’s episode, no deal is firm unless you have the cash in hand!

Takeaway: Trust means nothing; credit card numbers mean everything.


What Kelly Said: When a buyer wanted to see Whitney Eve in 3D, Kelly was there to put a little spin on it ("Good thing the designer looks like a model"), and ultimately the sale came down to Whitney’s willingness to, well, take her clothes off.

Takeaway: Always wear nude-colored boy shorts and a strapless bra if you're working a trade show booth.


What Kelly Said: As KC always says, you have to take matters into your own hands if you want something done right. Roxy made an appointment with the buyers of Wink, who had previously shown interest in Whitney Eve, and it was that ambitious move that landed Whit’s line in the storefront.

Takeaway: You won't get something if you don't ask for it.

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