Hot Shots: The Evolution Of Justin Bobby's Individual Style

Justin Bobby rode onto "The Hills" scene as a disheveled hipster who looked much more suited for a mop and pail than a date with Audrina Patridge. Over the seasons, his taste in women matured (and in some cases, didn't), and thankfully, his eye for fashion followed suit. Let's relive some of the signature looks that have helped define the rocker.

Season 3

Style: Castaway Refugee

Runway Notes: His shagalicious brown locks and desire for all things Rasta made us weary of getting within smelling distance of his mane, his motorcycle or his crude belches. When he wasn't burping, he was dropping some deep thoughts with deceptive eyes and furrowed brows. But admittedly, the guy was kinda hot ...

Season 4

Style: Homeless Chic

Runway Notes: Between the ripped sleeves, graffiti-inspired hats and flannel button-ups, the absence of Justin’s unwashed locks was really the only thing that warranted "chic." He looked a bit like a hobo that got his hands on an occasional single-blade razor. But still hot.

Season 5

Style: Grizzly Adams

Runway Notes: It was almost as if Justin's sense of style backtracked this season. He let his beard run amok and his shoulder-length tendrils were usually entangled in his sun-bleached whiskers (a result of chillin' at Kristin's Malibu beach house). Not as hot, but hot.

Season 6

Style: Jack Sparrow Meets Tommy Hilfiger

Runway Notes: Something strange happened in the off-season -- Justin got a clean shave (maybe even his first ever?). When he resurfaced at the Purple Melon concert, all we could look at was his chin! (Who knew he had one?) While we don't love his outdated Jheri curl, he was looking pretty sharp (and yes, hot) tonight in the cable-knit sweater and structured nautical-appropriate peacoat.