VIDEO: We Became 'More Like A Family' In Miami, Says JWOWW

Remember early into Season 1 of "Jersey Shore," when all the cast members started referring to each other as "family"? This all went down during the first week of taping so we weren't quite buying the whole "I love her like a little sister" thing (especially since Pauly D had already showed Jenni his penis piercing and Ronnie had already taken Sammi to Smushville). But a lot has changed since those days. Snooki's become a household name and the cast just spent another two months shacking up together while filming Season 2.

A few weeks back, we caught up with JWOWW in the Miami house's front patio to find out how everyone's relationships with each other have evolved since they originally met. Check out this video clip to hear whether she'll still be tapping the keg with 'em all at age 90.