'Hard Times' Poll: Is RJ Berger The Next Robert Pattinson?

We're just gonna come right out and say it: RJ Berger is not a bad-looking dweeb. When we reference classic dorks, we think of Coke-bottle glasses and skin blemishes, and well, Senior Berger doesn't quite fit that bill. In fact, on tonight's episode of "Hard Times," we saw our go-lucky nerd blossom from a PacSun-sporting kid into a moody "Twilight"-esque vampire, complete with a James Dean-esque pompadour and tons of unforgiving leather. Dare we say he looked like a young(er) Robert Pattinson?

+ What do you think about RJ's style in the school play? How does he compare to Edward Cullen? Take the poll and pick your favorite hunky vamp!

RJ vs. RP: Who's a hotter vampire?

  • Robert Pattinson, no question.
  • RJ wins, for once!
  • It's a tie.