Snooki Wants To See Justin Bieber Spike His 'Do

Getting made over to look like a "Jersey Shore" cast member was all the rage during the winter, as everyone from Michael Cera to our own editor gave poufin' and blowin' a whirl. Well, there's someone who didn't take well to the idea of such an extreme makeover. According to PopEater, Snooki admitted that when she met Justin Bieber at the Grammy Awards, she tried to spike his hair ... but he wasn't lifting up those bangs for nobody!

Naturally, word of this moment piqued our interest, and since we're never ones to pass up an opportunity to play with Photoshop, we decided to digitally run our fingers through the Biebs 'do ourselves (it was just as soft and silky as we imagined).

+ What do you think? Should the pop star rock the Pauly D blowout or stick to his shaggy signature style?