MTV Rewind, 6/14/10-6/17/10: What You Missed On Air This Week

“Hard Times”
Full Episode: RJ runs against bully Max Owens in the school election. It’s probably not spoiling anything to say he loses, big time.
Travis Barker Bonus Webisode: Go behind-the-scenes with the episode’s guest star Travis Barker.
Sneak Peek: RJ participates in the school’s upcoming “Twilight” meets “Westside Story” play and may get a chance to kiss dream girl Jenny Swanson.

“Warren The Ape”
Full Episode: Warren tries to snag a part in a commercial but has to screw over an acting buddy to get it.
Bonus Video: Warren goes to the salon to get a fresh new look.

“The Hills”
Full Episode: Ryan and Audrina break up, and Kristin and Brody verbally attack McKaela.
After Show: Hosts Jessi and Dan get to the bottom of the Lauren Conrad/McKaela similarities.
Remote Control Poll: If you hang with an ex, should you tell the new bf?

“The City”
Full Episode: Roxy steps it up in Miami and helps Whitney produce a successful fashion show.
After Show: PR guru Kelly Cutrone styles the show’s hosts as they chat about Whitney.
Remote Control Poll: Did Erin Kaplan’s plan to replace ’Liv totally backfire?

“Downtown Girls”
Full Episode: Unsure about her romantic future, Nikki looks to a platonic boyfriend, and Victoria dates her first woman.
Bonus Video: Nikki takes Klo to go shopping for a wedding dress.
Remote Control Poll: Would you make a marriage pact?

Full Episode: Streeter and Amir unload new dirty tricks, like a father who scares his daughter with rats!
Bonus Prank: Check out the video below and find out how hairy things can get in a shower.

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