Roxy Olin Declares Uggs With Crop Tops A Fashion Crime

We were really impressed on this week's episode of "The City" when longtime Tourette's sufferer outspoken Roxy Olin managed to turn her 'crazy popcorn' machine off long enough to get super profesh. In the episode, we saw her swoop in during an (almost) model disaster, give Whitney a pep talk and even impress Miami-based fashion buyers. (65 percent of you guys agreed that Rox is good for Whit's business!)

Roxy recently took a break from her life at People's Rev and let the cameras get a peek inside her closet. They found lots of leatha (à la Mick Jagger), some Michael Jackson-y jackets and even a pair of Ugg boots. Check out her Bluefly Closet Confessions video and watch as she wheels out all of her hot-to-trot ensembles!