The 5 Most Outrageous TV Puppets Of All Time

Not all A-list puppets are soft-spoken Barney-like goofballs (see Hollywood heavyweight "Warren The Ape" in action)! And while it's always soothing to listen to a little Raffi or Kermit The Frog storytelling, it's also healthy to shake things with up with a wise-cracking, snarky puppet. Here, our five favorite furry friends of all time.


Show: "Arrested Development"

What Made Him Legendary: Gob often used his puppet-friend Roosevelt to insult his family members. The unstoppable duo loved performing their sorta-one-hit wonder "It Ain't Easy Being White," which pretty much offended everyone that heard it.


Show: "ALF"

What Made Him Legendary: This extraterrestrial ex-pat was filled with dry humor and loved pranking people almost as much as he enjoyed shoveling pies down his gullet. In one absurd episode, he became addicted to watching reruns of "Gilligan's Island," which is just totally awesome.


Show: "The Muppets"

What Made Her Legendary: A striving star, her conceitedness and ultrafabulous hair-flipping technique made songs like "Never On Sunday" magical. Plus, watching her plant unwanted kisses on Kermit The Frog never got old!


Show: "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

What Made Him Legendary: When funnyman Conan first introduced this cigar-toting puppet, we fell in love with his punchy attitude and crude commentary. He made fun of celebrities (he was completely "keeding," of course) and had an almost-unidentifiable accent.


Show: "The Muppets"

What Made Him Legendary: Who didn't die for a stand-up comedian that made you obsessed with saying "Wocka Wocka Wocka"? He wasn't quite as snarky as some other puppets on this list, but Foz loved pranking people (like Kermit), and for some reason he felt the need to hide his receding hairline.

+ Don't be embarrassed to admit who your favorite puppet is! Did we miss anyone? Let us know!