‘Downtown Girls’ Poll: Would You Make A Marriage Pact?

On tonight’s episode of “Downtown Girls,” Nikki grew worried that she’d never get married and decided to revisit a bizarro pact she made with her platonic childhood pal, Ryan. (How very “My Best Friend’s Wedding” of her!) To test-drive their compatibility (their agreement stated that if no one better came along when they turned 35, they’d give up the quest for true love and marry each other … gee, how romantic), Nikki tried to ignite a spark between them over a makeshift candlelit dinner. She soon realized that dry chicken and a lifeless flame wouldn’t do the trick, but she still wasn’t ready to give up — perhaps shopping for engagement rings would get her in the mood? (Nope, not that either.)

+ Have you ever considered striking a deal like this with a buddy? Take the poll and let us know if you would consider making one with a friend.

Would you make a marriage pact with a platonic friend?

  • No way, it’s a stupid idea.
  • Yeah, but it’s not very romantic.
  • Maybe, but not yet.