The 5 Biggest Crybabies In 'Real World' History

Every season, we're always eager to find out which castie (if any) will earn our highly coveted Drama Queen crown, Most Likely To Go Home statue or the Biggest Baby accolade (we made up these honors, naturally). In just a few weeks, "Real World: New Orleans" will premiere, and hopefully we'll be able to honor some of the newbies with shiny awards (constructed out of tears, of course). Until then, check out the five biggest crybabies that have ever walked the "Real World" hallways.


City: Chicago

What Made Her Tear Up: She had serious attachment issues with her then-boyfriend and was normally huddled in the corner of the house sobbing. Even though Tonya had a legitimate medical condition, she spent the entire season feeling bad for herself, whining and ultimately cutting off her housemates.


City: Las Vegas

What Made Her Tear Up: She was a hot-tempered roomie that was always screaming at people, especially her family. Arissa spent her days chain smoking in the hallway with a major sour face or on lengthy phone calls with her cheating boyfriend Dario.


City: Key West

What Made Her Tear: Her jaunt to Florida meant she had to leave the comfort and security of home, which put spoiled Svetlana in total crybaby mode. She was super needy and always required affirmation from the housemates. In fact, when everyone was invited to go to Spain, she felt like no one wanted her to go (not to mention, she didn't want to leave her boyfriend behind).


City: Washington, D.C.

What Made Her Tear: A struggling singer and constant mope, Erika never wanted to hang out with her roommates and was always babbling on about how hard it was for her to find a band (um, you have to try, dear!). Plus, she packed her bags early and bailed on everyone (of course, not before crying that no one begged her to stay).


City: Brooklyn

What Made Him Tear Up: For the majority of the season, JD kept his cool and stayed out of the dramafests. Yet one night, when he couldn't handle his roomies anymore, he marched into the phone room, ripped the whole thing out of the wall, launched it into the river and then finished off the killer combo by smashing a glass table. Kaboom!!

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