If You Were A Stuffed Ape, Which Kind Would You Be?

Don't you hate when you get tagged in those Facebook friend graphs, and out of all the complimentary "types" available -- "Someone who changed your life" or "Someone who can talk their way out of a speeding ticket" -- you get associated with something awful, like "Someone who you saw wake up with vomit stuck to their cheek"?

Nobody is perfect, and no one knows that better than "Warren The Ape," a complex character filled with all sorts of bad traits (like an affinity for cursing and feeling up celebrities).

As you know, Warren is trying to rid himself of his bad habits, and since we're all guilty of committing embarrassing acts, it's only fair that you tag yourself (and your friends) with some of the options above.

+ Take a look at the photo above and decide which Warren you identify with, then upload it to Facebook and make matches for your friends! Plus, don't forget to tune in June 14 at 10:30/9:30c to find out more about our favorite gang-affiliated, drug-addicted Peeping Tom!