Angelina's Pissed At Pauly! (Oops, Did We Have Something To Do With It?)

We had a feeling once we shared what Pauly D had to say about Angelina's cleaning habits ("I didn't know from living with her [before] how dirty she was. She really keeps her stuff messy.") that girlfriend was not gonna be happy. And we can't really blame her. If someone told the world that we were slobs, you better believe we'd retaliate -- or at the very least, start a Twitter war!

Well, according to a source, Pauly didn't tell the whole story. The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island was apparently left with no choice at the Miami house but to keep her things in a giant pile because the guys hogged everything! "She had no closet space because the two diva boys took it all," the site's source said.

Angelina also reportedly told the source that Pauly D needed his own closet just to store his tanning products, cologne and gel. (The spiky-haired Adonis received a lifetime supply of goop a while back, so maybe...?)

+ Who do you trust more in this "he said/she said" battle? Sound off in the comments and tell us which "Jersey Shore" cast member's story you believe!

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