VIDEO: Kelly Cutrone Says Roxy Acts Like 'Crazy Popcorn'

When People's Rev boss lady Kelly Cutrone lashed out at Roxy Olin for her ballerina-hooker spiel a few weeks ago, we thought for sure Roxy was going to get the pink slip. (KC called her a "freak"; how could she possibly escape further wrath?) Turns out, all Rox needed to do was co-produce a successful fashion show. On Tuesday's episode of "The City," Kelly actually complimented Roxy, saying that she (gasp) did a good job!

Following the episode, Kelly joined "The After Show" 's Jessi and Dan and unleashed a handful of punchy Cutronisms. Check out the video, where the PR maven calls Roxy unpredictable in a Lucille Ball sort of way (it doesn't get any better than an "I Love Lucy" reference!), then describes her inappropriate behavior as -- wait for it -- "crazy popcorn."