Reunion: Danny's P.O.'d At Wes And Ev Still Thinks She's The Best

After TJ Lavin crowned Landon and Carley champions of "Fresh Meat II," there was nothing left for the other Challengers to do but shake hands and relive the good times, right? Wrong. If you caught last night's "Fresh Meat II Reunion," then you watched as Maria Menounos orchestrated a variety of cast member shouting matches.

As Maria stirred the pot (with great poise, we must say!), we learned a few interesting things about the current state of our beloved Meatheads: Danny thinks the world of Wes even though he screwed him over, and Kenny still says that The Redhead's a freckle-faced loser (no surprise there). Also, while just about everyone was thrilled that good guy Lando won the whole sh'bang, Evelyn and Laurel thought Carley was a weak and undeserving player (oh well, 'cuz she won anyway, byotches).

Watch the "Fresh Meat II Reunion" below, then put an end to the girls' major dilemma: Who was the strongest female in the house? Sound off in the comments!