'Hills' Poll: Would You Take Life Advice From Lo Bosworth?

If we told you that Kristin Cavallari was launching a "What Would Kristin Do"-esque advice blog, you'd probably stop dead in your McQueen knockoffs. Advice from the 'Queen Bee'? Scary! But what if we told you that the always-blunt yet totally fair (well, except when she called K-Cav a crackhead) Lo Bosworth was the one offering up tips and tricks ... Would you lend her your precious ears?

Earlier this week, "The Hills" costar tweeted that her soon-to-launch site, thelodownonline.com (how cute is that domain?), will be chock-full of lifestyle advice. We're not sure if she'll be counseling readers on dating or if she's saving that for her book, "The Lo-Down," but either way, she's one of the few Hillzies we sorta trust. So at the very least, we'd check it out.

+ What do you think about Lo's newest venture? Would you go to her for advice? Take the poll and tell us if you'd consider using her website!

Would you take life advice from Lo?

  • Yeah, she seems level-headed.
  • I don't think so.