VIDEO: Warren Wants A Room In The 'Jersey Shore' House

When it comes to "Jersey Shore" audition tapes, it's hard to find a more impressive contestant than Vaseline-sporting Bobby Bottleservice (or, as Pauly D renamed him, Bobby Bag-A-Doughnuts). But we recently discovered a video that funnyman "Warren The Ape" made. We wouldn't have pegged him for a Seaside Heights hopeful -- he was, after all, a Hollywood heavyweight much more suited for a stint on "Celebrity Rehab." Nonetheless, the former puppet star is eager to get his life back on track and apparently thinks beating the beats with Ronnie is the way to redemption. (We suspect he just really wants another lip-lock with Snooki.)

Check out the video below, where DJ Warren Ape demonstrates his own flair for fist-pumping. We gotta say, his blowout is almost as awesome as Pauly D's signature 'do!