Ronnie Calls The Season 2 Smush Room A 'Biohazard'

When the "Jersey Shore" guys wanted to get a hippo hot girl nekkid in Seaside Heights, it was obvious where to take her: the jacuzzi. Ron Ron juice, R&B tunes and smooth-ish one-liners were provided, and within minutes the hot pink bras/leopard skin thongs/Bump-its were off.

Luckily, their Miami digs (where filming for Season 2 recently wrapped) came equipped with a jacuzzi, but according to the cast members, there was another area of the house that saw even more action: The Smush Room.

"The Smush Room is definitely the new J***cuzzi," Ronnie told us. "[It] was used so much that you should walk into it with a gas mask. It's like a biohazard." Pauly D concurred: "The sheets definitely weren't washed enough."

And there you have it, folks. Another amazing reason to watch Season 2 of "Jersey Shore."