Does Lauren Conrad Have A Doppelganger Named McKaela?

The minute we were introduced to McKaela we thought, "Wow, she's a lot like LC." They have similar bone structure and even make the same pouty face when they're confused. McKaela's also sweet, focused on her career and wants to keep her hands out of the drama pot. Sounds like someone we know! And let's not forget they've got the same taste in guys.

We're not the only ones that think McKaela bears similarities to the O.G. Hillzie. Take a look at a few of the fan comments, then vote in the poll whether or not you think the two girls seem alike.

Wildmary16 says:

"Does anyone else think that Brody's new girl kinda resembles Lauren Conrad? Because I think she totally does."

DallasSweetheart says:

"I think McKaela should be the new Lauren! She is sweet and career motivated and beautiful, just like LC!"

Is McKaela the new Lauren Conrad?

  • Yeah, she looks and acts just like her!
  • No way. No one can ever replace LC.

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