'Fresh Meat II' Was A Dirty Game, So Should The Good Guys Have Won?

It's incredibly rare to see the good guy win in a dog-eat-dog competition. Normally, it's the sneaky and conniving backstabber that takes the prize, at least that's what we've come to expect from The Challenges. While the second half of "Fresh Meat II" took a turn for the worst honor system, we still never, ever thought that honest-ish player Landon and last-pick Carley would actually win the whole thing. Kenny and Laurel dominated the series and had an army of players underneath them -- we thought for sure they were going to win the $200,000!

+It was great to see the straightforward team of Landon and Carley win, but were they really the best players? Take the poll and tell us if you think the right guys won!

Landon vs. Kenny: Who do you think deserved to win?

  • Landon, he's a great player and was honest the whole way through!
  • Kenny and Laurel are stronger, they totally should have won.
  • Neither of them. I was rooting for Pete/Jillian or Jenn/Noor.