'Hills' Style Poll: Do You Like Audrina's Shorts-And-Boots Combo?

Audrina Patridge has a real knack for dressing for the occasion. While last week we saw her play up the rocker-girl look at The Viper Room, this week she took on motorcycle-chic to visit Justin Bobby at Los Angeles bike shop Lindibilt Customs. 'Drina's outfit consisted of a gray top and black cardigan, which she paired with denim cutoffs and brown leather motorcycle boots. Alas, a "Hills" endorsement for the mixing of winter and summer clothes!

Thing is, whenever we see the shorts-plus-boots combo, we think about how ignored the legs must feel, left out there to deal with the elements, idling between keeping cool and staying warm. Not that fashion's known for being practical.

+ You tell us: What are your thoughts on mixing shorts and boots? Take the poll!