The 5 Best Places To Meet Someone Who's Maybe Possibly Datable

On last night's episode of "Downtown Girls," Shallon was convinced she couldn't meet a stand-up guy in Manhattan and resorted to being set up on a blind date. Bryan was a good-looking and normal dude, but we're pretty sure she could have found a quality man on her own. Here, our five best places to accidentally-on-purpose bump into someone:


Sure, you normally run in to grab some veggies ice cream after a sweaty sesh on the elliptical, but meeting a guy/girl while you look gross is exactly the point. If someone likes you with no makeup, matted gym hair and a baggy T-shirt, things can only go up from there.


How many times has a crazy anti-something hobo boarded your subway car and chanted about their obscure convictions? Talk about a conversation starter! Even if you don't ride the subway, you can easily spark up a convo in any captive environment, like on an airplane, train or bus. Misery loves company, and let's face it, public transport sucks. "Could these seats be any smaller?; Could this take any longer?; Could it be more crowded in here?" ... You get the idea.


As long as you stay out of the self-help section, this is a great way to meet someone stable and literate. Easily narrow down your potential suitor by being smart with your aisle choices. Looking for a computer geek? Head to the programming or sci-fi section. Want to whisk a woman off her feet by showing her that traditional love isn't dead? Mosey on over to the romance aisle.

4. BAR

Never listen to people who say you can't meet anyone at a bar (read: bar, NOT club). There are plenty of mellow watering holes where gainfully employed people go to unwind after work. In fact, happy hour is a great time to go because it's typically less crowded. We're speaking from experience here!


Just about everyone knows someone who met his or her significant other online. It's no longer an embarrassing thing to admit either. Keep the profile respectable and stay away from guys who check off "Just looking for a good time."

+ Got any other suggestions for where to meet eligible bachelors/bachelorettes? Offer 'em up in the comments!