Why Every Girl's Gonna Want To Get With Vinny This Season

On the first season of "Jersey Shore," there was one housemate who kinda got robbed of camera time, presumably because he wasn't as well-versed in the art of one-liners, meaningless hookups and general ridiculousness as say, Mike or Snooki. But don't feel bad for (yes, you guessed correctly) Vinny, cuz according to online press and the rest of his cast members, dude's about to rip right out of his shell and show fans a whole other type of Situation.

To start with, Vinny reportedly stayed on pace with the boys' rumored "Smush Scoreboard" during filming in Miami, sometimes bringing home three and four girls. Even Pauly D said at our recent photo shoot that Vinny's "stepped up his game this season." But the biggest proof that Vinny's become the big man on campus is what his close lady friends have been saying.

We sat poolside in South Beach with the "Jersey" girls to find out what they really think of their male counterparts, and all anyone wanted to gab about was Vinny, Vinny, Vinny! "He's so sweet," Snooki said. "He's a genuine person deep down inside, even if he doesn't show it sometimes." She also vouched for Vinny's brainpower: "He's really smart -- he sounds like a monk sometimes."

According to JWOWW, Vinny's also into sharing his knowledge and perspective with others. "He teaches us a lot. He's very deep and spiritual."

This is a surprising new development. We always thought Vinny possessed an endearing innocence (well, in relation to his more in-your-face housemates), but we've yet to see this sensitive, philosophizing chick-magnet in action. So bring it, Season 2. We want to GTL with Vinny Chopra.