'City' Poll: Did Louise Nail Her ELLE.com Interview?

There's no denying that Miss I'm-besties-with-Marc Jacobs screwed the pooch on tonight's episode of "The City." After Olivia Palermo boasted about her tight-knit relationship with the designer, she was unable to get an interview with him for ELLE.com, thoroughly pissing off Joe Zee. And instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to make up for it at the Badgley Mischka show, 'Liv royally messed up by opting for beauty sleep over being punctual. Fortunately, Louise Roe was there to step in and fill the void ... just in time for a well-rested Palerms to waltz in and watch the Brit steal her shine.

+ There's no doubt that Louise helped out ELLE.com, but do you think she did a good job? Take the poll and give us your performance review!

What did you think of Louise Roe's interview?

  • Girl knows her stuff, ELLE should hire her!
  • She's good, but no Olivia.
  • Neither she nor Olivia should have the job.