'Downtown Girls' Poll: Would You Give Blind Dating A Shot?

When I was a teenager, my family set me up on a blind date at Coffee Bean in L.A. The kid was the son of my aunt's good friend, and other than the fact that we both liked Ice Blended Mochas, we had next to nothing in common. In fact, I think my opening line was something about how crazy my BFF was for backpacking through Europe, and it turned out he was packing for a similar trip.

With the advent of Facebook and a zillion other social networking sites, blind dating doesn't have to even be, well, blind anymore. You can cyberstalk him to your heart's content, find out who he's been winking at and even uncover his GPA and blood type. But on tonight's episode of "Downtown Girls," Shallon took it to a whole 'nother level, slipping on a wig and prescreening her courters (hey, that's cheating!). Luckily, Bryan was a good sport, and the two totally hit it off.

+ Would you trust your friends/family to do a good job picking out a guy for you? Take the poll and tell us whether you'd give blind dating a try.

Would you ever go on a blind date?

  • Sure, why not?
  • Only if I was able to see a picture first.
  • Never, ever.