'Hills' Poll: Are You A Psycho If Your Friend's A Psycho?

On tonight's episode of "The Hills" (aptly titled "The Company You Keep"), we saw what happens to a girl's reputation when she allegedly breaks into Brody Jenner's condo and interrupts Kristin Cavallari's beauty sleep. First, she gets called The Dumbest Girl on the Planet and then she gets a swift and humiliating tongue-lashing right to her face.

The jury's back, and pretty much every "Hills" cast member -- except for newbie McKaela -- agrees that Allie Lutz is a "psycho." As Steph insinuated at her birthday party, you must be a crazy person if your best friend is a crazy person (exactly why we've been questioning the mindset of Heidi Montag's new bff, Jen Bunney). But is that always the case? Per the usual, let's put it to a poll: Does it mean you're loony tunes if you spend your free time with a so-called psycho?

Are you the company you keep?

  • Yes, friends usually have a lot in common.
  • No, that's a stupid theory.

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