K-Cav vs. Allie Lutz: Who Do You Believe?

Kristin's no stranger to cocktail-infused chitchats. In fact, she's been in a number of them lately! On tonight's episode of "The Hills," the feisty party girl agreed to meet Brody's sorta-not-really ex-girlfriend McKaela for a drink. Now that Brody is a single man, Kristin buckled her attitude into the backseat and took on a counseling role. Her advice? Stay far, far away from Allie Lutz -- apparently, she's a "psycho" that allegedly broke into Brody's house.

Allie told a different story, claiming that Kristin's just a byotch who loves a good farce. Sure, K-Cav can be a little dramatic, but do you think she's making this whole thing up? Take the poll and let us know whose story you're buying.

Who do you believe?

  • Kristin, she was there!
  • Allie, Kristin just wants to start drama.
  • I have no idea.