'Jersey Shore' Boys Stop Fist-Pumping And Do The Dougie!

Unless you're Beyoncé (or the JabbaWockeeZ), it's super hard to master a multitude of dance moves (I mean, how can anyone expect us to do The Superman AND The Macarena?). So natch, once we saw Ronnie beat up the beat with such precision, we sort of just assumed that fist-pumping and that other weird jumpy thing he does were the extent of his dancery.

Wrong. So, so wrong. Stop everything you're doing and check out this ah-may-zing video of Ronnie, Pauly D and Vinny doing The Dougie. (Is it actually The Dougie, or just a don't-touch-my-hair-bro move? Don't know, don't care. Just watch.) Seeing these guys makes us want to learn it so we can Cali Swag with them one day!