Hot Shots: Meet The 8 Strangers Of 'Real World: New Orleans'

The 24th season of "Real World" is so close we can taste the drama and tears! This time, we're headed back to New Orleans (peep the house above!) to create some spankin' new bead-slanging revelry. So who will be responsible for making the jazz-filled return? The premiere kicks off on June 30, but you don't have to wait that long to meet the eight new casties. Check 'em out below:

(From left to right) Ashlee, the recently single D1 athlete with dreams of becoming a sports reporter (hey, that was my dream at one point, too!); Eric, the career-oriented stand-up comic/politician; Knight, the former pill popper-turned-sober party guy; Ryan, the wild card hairstylist that could blow at any second.

(From left to right) Jemmye, the interracial dater with a haunting past; McKenzie, the sorority good girl; Preston, the outlandish gay guy (every "Real World" house has gotta have one, right?); and Sahar, the aspiring singer/songwriter.

+ Find out more about each one of the cast members here, then sound off in the comments on who you think will bring the most drama this season!