'Hills' Update: Don't Hold Your Breath For Lauren Conrad's Return

Sorry to disappoint, but it doesn't look like ex-Hillzie-turned-author Lauren Conrad will be making a grand return during the final season of "The Hills." According to E! Online, who caught up with LC at the Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards style lounge, it's just not on her radar.

"I have no plans to come back," she said. "I really liked how I got to leave the show. I felt like it was on a positive note, and I feel like they wrapped up my storyline."

She has a point. It's always better to leave when things are going good rather than to overstay your welcome -- right?

+ Back in April, 78 percent of you were hoping Lauren would find her way back to Hillsville, so how do you feel about her final decision? Sound off in the comments!