Pauly D On Angelina: 'I Didn't Know How Dirty She Was'

When Angelina -- the Staten Island bartender who prematurely packed her trash bags and left the Beatles "Jersey Shore" house -- showed up for filming in Miami, we assumed she would meet a chilly response from the rest of the cast. After all, they never had a chance to bond with her last season. But Pauly D recently told us he was cool with having Angelina back -- well, until he realized she was a bit of a slob. "I didn't know from living with her [before] how dirty she was. She really keeps her stuff messy," he said. "She came in with trash bags in New Jersey, but in Miami she kept her clothes in a pile."

On a more positive note, Pauly commented that Angelina actually used luggage to transport her belongings this time. Baby steps.