VIDEO: Lo Bosworth And Stephanie Pratt Fight Over J. Lo's Friendship

The MTV Movie Awards is always a unique opportunity for celebs to unwind, wear eccentric outfits they might not normally sport on a red carpet (unless their name is Gaga) and (hopefully!) behave in embarrassing ways that they'll regret later. (Un)Fortunately, our "Hills" and "Jersey Shore" casties were calm, cool and collected ... except when Stephanie Pratt heard her BFF card might get revoked.

Check out the videos below, where Snooki hams it up with Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg on the red carpet, Lo Bosworth considers asking J. Lo to be her best friend (to Steph's dismay) and Pauly D schools fashion designer Christian Siriano on dressing fresh to death (um, that's like giving Snooki tanning tips!).