Hot Shots: Behind-The-Scenes Pics From MTV's 'Jersey Shore' Shoot

Last week, life was fun as hell. A few of us from went out to Miami to conduct interviews with the "Jersey Shore" fam and help out with their Season 2 photo shoot. Not only did the tanned-beyond-belief (like, beyond what we thought was humanly possibly) and super-fit cast deliver an onslaught of new and memorable one-liners, but they also gave us a peek into their homey digs (the house includes a "Smush Room") and daily life (GTL, baby!).

Here, a few pics from the trip to whet your appetite for the July premiere, plus stay tuned for some a-may-zingggg video of the cast smack dab in their element, right here on Remote Control. (For us, it's back to work in the ol' cube -- a far cry from rollin' with our incredibly lovable stallions/sweethearts in South Beach. As Snooki would say, "whaaaaaa!")

+ Remember to watch the MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show Sunday night for a sneak peek at Season 2!