'Hills' Fans Aren't Buying The Speidi Split!

When Heidi's rep confirmed her separation with Spencer, we figured you guys would have a hard time believing the news -- and boy, that's been pretty apparent today. We just spent some time reading through your comments, and it looks like most of you think the announcement is a total sham!

Hey, we get it. The attention-starved couple is notorious for pulling wacky publicity stunts, so we can't blame anyone for writing this off as just another way for Speidi to drum up buzz. Take a look at a few of the fan comments, then vote in the poll on whether or not you think the split is just talk or the real deal.

Ashley says:

"Why don't I believe this? Heidi, I wish this was true, but I know better. Spencer probably set this up. I wish you would go file for divorce ... like, now. However, I am sure you guys will be back together soon!"

Amanda says:

"I'll believe it after a couple of weeks. This could be one of their stunts to get back into the spotlight. They are like the boy who cried wolf. No one really believes what they say anymore. If it is true, though, thank goodness this ride is over. They would both be better off!"

Elina says:

"I bet this is a part of Speidi's plan to gain more publicity and a new theme for the forthcoming reality show."

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