Jenny Swanson Named #91 Hottest In The Manly World Of Maxim

It was no surprise that a few "Hills" girls made Maxim's annual Hot 100 list -- but finding out that Amber Lancaster (aka Jenny Swanson from MTV's upcoming series "The Hard Times of RJ Berger") landed a solid spot at #91 practically blew down our office doors.

You see, on "Hard Times," Amber (your not-so-average half-naked actress, top right) plays Jenny (the all-American girl next door who wears lots of pastel pink, top left). Jenny's not exactly the type of girl who'd strike a pose for some borderline perverted, middle-aged magazine editors who've deemed themselves the authority on hotness, but we'll be damned, the sexy pinup who lives inside her wears that skimpy bikini loud and proud. Talk about alter egos! Check these two out, side by side, plus make sure to tune in for the premiere of "Hard Times" (June 6 at 11/10c) to see if Jenny's just as sweet as she says.