VIDEO: What If You Couldn't Ride Your Bike in Public?

In the U.S., we risk nothing by sharing our political thoughts on TV. In fact, "sounding off" is encouraged by our thriving entertainment industry, news media and even the country's government leaders. We are lucky. For young people living in Saudi Arabia, publicly questioning the law can be grounds for examination by the authorities. In fact, speaking to our "True Life" cameras about their contrary opinions -- on everything from how they're supposed to dress to who they're allowed to see -- could be problematic.

On May 24 at 10/9c, "True Life" will close its season with a powerful documentary about the restrictions placed on the people of Saudi Arabia and what some of them are doing to rebel. Watch a sneak peek of "Resist The Power! Saudi Arabia" below, plus tune in on Monday to meet four inspiring young adults striving to send a message of change to a society steeped in ancient traditions and deep-seated religious beliefs.