MTV Rewind, 5/10-5/14: What You Missed On Air This Week

"True Life: I Hate My Plastic Surgery"

Full Episode: Two young girls try and correct their plastic surgery mishaps.

After Show: Amanda checks in months after filming and admits she's still considering a natural fat transfer for her chest.

Sneak Peek: "True Life: I'm A Newlywed." Watch the clip:

"The Hills"

Full Episode: Heidi throws a party for Enzo, and Spencer gets into a huge fight with Holly.

After Show: Jessi and Dan recap the episode and ask the audience to chime in.

Poll: Is it up to Heidi to put an end to all the fighting? Let us know if you think she needs to step in!

"The City"

Full Episode: Whitney calls Olivia a byotch for not supporting her fashion line, and Roxy goes on a date with Zach.

Poll: Are friends obligated to help each other in business? Let us know!

"Fresh Meat II"

Full Episode: Wes turns on his own alliance (again) and throws CJ and Landon into The Exile.

After Show: Kenny, Laurel, Ryan and Carley chat about Wes' shady moves.

Sneak Peek: Evelyn forces Wes to tell Theresa about KellyAnne. Watch the clip:

"The Dudesons"

Full Episode: The guys try and become honorary Finnish Native Americans ... and Jarppi breaks his back!

Bonus Clip: How long can The Dudesons remain seated on a scorching hot stove?

Sneak Peek: Wrapped in foil, HP nearly gets blown up. Check out the clip:

"MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge"

Full Episode: The contestants head to Muscle Beach in Venice, California, to show off their skills.

Bonus Clip: Find out why transferring energy is a key component to the sport.

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