5 Warning Signs That Spencer's About To Really Blow

Last week we got a taste of where Spencer Pratt's mind has hasn't been at lately (uh, Earth?) when he became irrationally angry at his sister Stephanie for, well, what did she do again? And tonight, the tiny glimmer of chillness that still shone in Spencer went dark after he instigated more than one shouting match with Heidi's sister, Holly Montag.

What's scarier, we're pretty sure there's more to come of this madness.

We've never had anything against Spence. In fact, over the seasons, we've really come to appreciate his bold one-liners and business-savvy showmanship. Thing is, Spencer's behavior really stressed us out this latest episode of "The Hills" -- and we're thinking a solo trip back to Dr. Jordana might not be a bad idea.

Spencer's a stubborn guy, so maybe an intervention is in order? If his friends and family are still unconvinced, here's our list of telltale signs that he could probably use more crystals and deep-breathing sessions:

1. He appears to be jealous of his 7-year-old neighbor.

2. People don't ordinarily use the word "vagina" in public. (It's just kinda gross, right?) Especially not when referencing their wife's mother.

3. He kissed a baby lamb on the lips.

4. Whenever he shows up, Heidi's voice rises an octave. Kind of like the way ER nurses speak before they tell you "it's probably broken."

5. He truly believes that Holly will burn in hell for being "the biggest poser in this town."