'Hills' Poll: Is It Up To Heidi To Put An End To All The Fighting?

There's a particularly uncomfortable force that overpowers the room whenever Spencer is within 10 feet of Stephanie or Holly. We can't put our finger on what's amped up his level of anger lately, but as everyone saw on tonight’s episode of "The Hills," it's snowballing out of control … fast.

Heidi’s sorta-stuck in the middle of the sibling-in-law rivalry, but she’s not doing much anything to diffuse the situation, unless you consider whispering respiratory techniques to her man helpful. Is she too scared to speak up, or merely trying to avoid stray bullets?

+ Should Heidi do a 180 and put Spencer, Stephanie and Holly in check? Let us know whether or not you think it's time for her to jump in the middle of the family feud.

Should Heidi speak up and put an end to the fighting?

  • Yes, she's not doing anything to help!
  • No. She should stay out of it.