'City' Poll: Are Friends Obligated To Help Each Other In Business?

On tonight's episode of "The City," designer Whitney Port learned that her high-profile editor friend Olivia Palermo didn't have her best interests at heart. On last week's show, 'Liv was less than impressed with Whit's fashion eye and actually suggested that ELLE pass on featuring her line. To Liv's embarrassment, the popular upscale mag decided to feature Whitney Eve anyway.

Port had every reason to be P.O.’d to the max, but was 'Liv required to support Whitney just because they were pals in another life? Take the poll and tell us if you think friends are obligated to hook each other up professionally, then sound off in the comments if YOU'VE ever asked a buddy for a career favor.

Should friends always have each other's backs in business?

  • Yes, it's just expected.
  • No, friendship and work shouldn't mix.