Olivia Might Wanna Watch Her Ass, Kelly Cutrone's On A Rampage!

OK, it was kind of entertaining when Olivia avoided bolted faster than Serena van der Woodsen's daddy from an office disagreement with Erin, but then she stood up poor Whitney at the Rue La La shoot. And THEN she left Whitney at the lunch table as soon as the questions became too tough for her to answer. Just how many confrontations does Liv think she can dodge? For her sake, we hope she never crosses paths with Kelly Cutrone again, cuz Whit's fairy godmother might just go postal.

Case and point, below are three tongue lashings the back-from-the-grave Scary Boss Lady doled out during tonight's episode of "The City" -- all in the name of squashing socialite bitches when they try to mess with her kin.

1. "Who gives a f**k about [Olivia's] f**king opinion? I really ... who gives a f**k about her opinion? No, she's dead! She is f**king dead! Because I'm gonna f**king come up like a shark underneath a glass bottom boat and f**king whip the s**t out of her."

-- In response to Olivia being a no-show at the Rue La La shoot.

2. "I'm gonna set this really straight. You need to go there and take this bitch out. No, no, no, no ... She's under your skin so now what you have to say [is], 'I'm not this nice blond that you think I am from California. An now you're gonna meet the real me.' Cuz you have to let people who are toxic and dangerous to you know that you will f**king fight back. Cuz you know where nice people end up? On welfare."

-- Giving Whitney a pep talk before her lunch meeting with Olivia.

3. "[Olivia] is professionally dangerous to you. She's like a little petty tyrant. Scare the s**t out of her, and don't ever do it on email or do it in writing."

-- Lending professional advice to Whitney on how to handle her new ELLE enemy.

+ What do you think about the things Kelly said? Were all of her comments warranted, or did she go a little overboard? Sound off!

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