MTV Rewind, 5/3-5/7: What You Missed On Air This Week

"True Life: I Have a Traumatic Brain Injury"

Full Episode: Three young guys experience life-changing brain injuries, all resulting from car collisions.

Bonus Video: Neil checks in and updates us on his plans for the future. Watch the clip below:

"The Hills"

Full Episode: Kristin accuses Stephanie and Lo of spreading nasty rumors about her, but they deny it.

After Show: Dan and Jessi ask the audience to weigh in on the episode.

Poll: Kristin vs. Stephanie: Who should apologize?

"The City"

Full Episode: Olivia Palermo isn't crazy about Whitney Port's fashion line, even though the rest of ELLE magazine loves it.

Poll: Why won't 'Liv support Whitney's line? Weigh in!

"Fresh Meat II"

Full Episode: Wes turns on his good friend Danny and sends him and Sandy into The Exile.

'Raw Meat' After Show: The casties reveal a secret relationship between Laurel and Evelyn.

Sneak Peek: Wes knows when his teammates are lying to him. Watch the video:

"The Dudesons"

Full Episode: Four Finnish daredevils come to America and get started on a series of painful stunts.

Bonus Video: Find out what happens when you shoot a bow and arrow at close range.

Sneak Peek: The Dudesons get ready for their next high-flying stunt. Watch the video:

"MTV Presents The Ultimate Parkour Challenge"

Full Episode: Eight athletes kick off the premiere with a series of challenges aboard the Queen Mary.

Bonus Clip: Brush up on your Parkour knowledge and find out what a "line" is.